Pep Mas





12:36 PM opennac-dev Development: Opennac in catalan
Hi! I want to translate the entire openNAC to catalan. How I can do it? Pep Mas


01:01 PM opennac-dev Development: Unauth query
I created a new REST call and I want that call can be invoked even if the user is not authenticated, but I don't know... Pep Mas
12:50 PM opennac-dev Development: Add policy plugin
I want to add a new policy plugin. I have created the class in api/models/Plugins but I don't see the plugin in the f... Pep Mas
12:46 PM opennac-dev Development: Columns with custom format
I want to display a column of a grid with an image inside it. Is it possible? Pep Mas
12:42 PM opennac-dev Development: Create and delete brands
I want to delete one of your default brands (Extremenetworks) and create a new one.
- Can I simply remove the Extr...
Pep Mas
12:29 PM opennac-dev Development: Customize grid actions
I want to display a grid that doesn't allow add/delete rows. How do I remove these toolbar buttons? Pep Mas
12:22 PM opennac-dev Development: Create a table with DnD enabled
I need to create a grid with 'Drag and Drop' option enabled, but I don't know how. Please help! Pep Mas

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