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Get help with OpenNAC
Questions regarding OpenNAC usage, installation, configuration, deployment, .. anything!
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RE: ERROR de autenticación con políticas en AD
Discussions related to the development of OpenNAC itself.
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RE: Opennac in catalan
New OpenNAC releases, but also YOUR modules and contributions can be announced and discussed here !
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Redmine opennac update
Want to help translating/localizing OpenNAC ? Come here!
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How can I add a new localization to openNAC?
OpenNAC User Groups
Want to start a ONUG in your area ? Coordinate your ONUG events here :)
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Discussions about this forum, or the OpenNAC Community at large.
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How can I inform you about bugs and wishes?
Use this forum to try things out and play around !
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